About Michelle


Michelle Freyre , LMT , is an experienced  Massage Therapist since 2010 .As a graduate of Heritage College ,She underwent 1500 hours plus 6 weeks internship, and has an Associates degree in Occupational Services in Massage Therapy. Michelle has practiced body work  in spa settings and in Chiropractic offices. both in Colorado and in Florida.

 In combination with her healing gifts of the Love of God and Holy Spirit Fire, she is able to give a very unique , intuitive, and restorative encounter to her clients that will lift up body , soul and spirit.


Michelle specializes in Neuromuscular therapy which includes ;
*Swedish Massage
*Trigger Point Release
*Myofascial Release
*Muscle Energy Techniques*Hydrotherapy*UCLA Deep Tissue (  spot Deep Tissue vs. whole body)*Chinese cupping

During a Soul Journey Massage session, one or more of these may be implemented according to clients needs of that day

Other Modalities Michelle has been certified in are:

*Hot Stone Therapy*Sports Massage*Pre-Natal Massage*Healing touch with Essential Oils*Reflexology

Michelle has a passion to bring healing and peace to those who appreciate and love massage. Athletes, those who tarry long at computer desks, headache sufferers and those who just need TLC , are a few examples of Michelle's regular clients.

Michelle Freyre is a Blessed Mom of four adult children and an Abuela to 6 grandkids . She lives in Colorado enjoying hiking, music and plugging in to her local church on the worship team.

"I give thanks and Glory to God for giving me the special healing gifts and talents and skills as an LMT .May all the gifts be a grace to as many lives as possible . I look forward to helping your miraculous body to heal itself."



The best thing you can do  is book your  own massage and experience this powerful  healing for yourself .

Blessings, Peace , and LOVE

Michelle Freyre, LMT